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  1. gonzo Says:

    Go Gaylord Go! I too saw his name in the results at the IAAF X-C event.
    Bravo for him and double Bravo (get it? BRAVO??) for his name.

    Good luck to him in future events.

  2. rayman Says:

    Great idea to start a fanclub for Gaylord Silly!

    I think he deserves one for several reasons – not just for finishing (when so many didn’t) in what must have been cold conditions for him in Holyrood Park.

    Like you, I listened incredulously as the commentator announced his name at the start of the race.

    At first, I thought it was someone playing a joke on the organisers. However, when he passed where I was standing for the first time, there remained instantly no doubt in my mind that this was indeed the man whose name I had been directing in vain at my friends and golf partners for many months with no meaningful response.

    It was to my unbounded glee that about 10 of the people round me (all unacquainted) joined spontaneously in screaming, “Go for it, Gaylord!” at the top of our voices, followed by a loss of muscular control and unbridled mirth at the joy brought to us on a cold Sunday by The Gaylord himself.

    Each time he passed, the choir was louder and the ensuing joy greater. It really made my week to have been able to shout “Go, Gaylord!” so freely at a complete stranger and to watch him not even flinch.

    As the inimitable Gaylord crossed the finishing line, even the commentator acknowledged politely his contribution to proceedings by saying, “Gaylord, you are our hero today!”.

    I say, “Well done, Gaylord Silly!” for finishing in such difficult conditions. You have proved yourself to be the most determined Gaylord on Scottish soil yesterday.

    I also say, “Thank you, Gaylord!” for the joy you brought with you from the sunny Indian Ocean (via France) and for the bright memories you left behind in Auld Reekie.

    Does anyone know his parents names – and can we even possibly imagine the process by which they alighted upon the blessed nomenclature of their offspring?

  3. Dazzler Says:

    His name is a silly as his event

  4. rayman Says:

    I am frankly disappointed at the very poor response to Gaylord’s fan-club.

    Here we are – honoured by the presence of The Gaylord in our midst and only 3 people have seen fit to comment! That is just silly!

    I would point out that Gaylord can muster much bigger names in the world of Seychellian athletics to get you on your feet…….If you don’t believe me, just take a look at his hurdling compatriot’s name in this link below. (let’s hope he never goes for a Friday-night-out in Glasgow)!!!!


  5. gblade Says:

    I support this website and I support Gaylord – what a man. The Seychelles is a greatly under-represented nation on the world’s sporting stage due to a lack of talent – much like Scotland – so when a genuine hero like Gaylord comes along he must be supported.

  6. gaylordsilly Says:

    Thanks to Rayman for also finding Giovanny Fanny.

  7. rayman Says:

    No, no, no – you just haven’t understood!
    We are in the presence of greatness.

    Yes, he is a “really good guy”, as an acolyte described him above – but to admire for this is to miss the point totally.

    This is The Gaylord: the man who has run alongside, or after, Fanny for miles and miles without stopping.

    I bow before Gaylord and hope you will all do the same.

  8. gblade Says:

    After reading the reports on the race, i note that The Gaylord was coming from behind in order to get to the front of the pack, he was trying like a bear to get on top but had to settle for the rear. Bringing up the rear was the order of the day some would say. He bravely pounded away on Arthurs Seat nonetheless and Arthur didn’t even say a word.

    The Gaylord has a full time job to support his running – he is a drainpipe engineer, but running is his first love.

    This is getting silly….

  9. slamer Says:

    Consider me a fan! It would be silly if you weren’t.

  10. rayman Says:

    The Gaylord did indeed pound away for much of the afternoon on Arthur’s Seat and all this whilst settling for the rear, the only position available to him in such cold conditions.

  11. rayman Says:

    If you look carefully at the most recent pics posted of The Gaylord at the start-point of a race wearing a red vest and apparently clapping, you will see that he is almost certainly being accosted from behind by avery angry-looking, unkempt man in a grey top.

    The anguish caused by the assault is evident from The Gaylord’s furrowed brows.

    Does anyone know this man and his cause for such (presumably unmerited) anger and why he should be directing it at our hero?

  12. rayman Says:

    Could this be Giovanny Fanny, upset at being upstaged on the name-podium of cross-country athletics – and getting a sly dig in before the race starts, so his compatriot looks silly?

  13. rayman Says:

    As you say, no news except for procreating pigeons.

    Ho hum, wonder what The Gaylord is up to today?
    Where is his next race?
    Is anyone organising a minibus for us to go and applaud him?
    Have we printed T-shirts yet?
    Do we have a Treasurer?
    What are the membership costs?
    So much work to be done and no one willing to pick up the baton…..typical!

    It wasn’t like this when I was young.

  14. rayman Says:

    Am I the only person posting here?
    The only one who pays homage to our visitor from Gay Paris? Ah, the loneliness of the long-distance runner’s acolyte!

    Tell me I am not alone………..
    Il y’a quelqu’un d’autre?
    Aggggh, I am possessed by tongues!
    Maybe The Great One has altered my metaphysics by sight alone? Beware of his powers……..

  15. rayman Says:

    This is getting silly.
    No one wants to post on here!!!

  16. rayman Says:

    No fanny, no gaylords here – might as well close this site down!

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