What does Gaylord think of the traffic in Edinburgh?

Gaylord made no comment on the traffic in Edinburgh as he made his tour of Holyrood Park. I, on the other hand, think that drivers in Edinburgh should get a grip and look where they are fucking going.
I was hit by a car on my way home from work on Wednesday, resulting in a trip in an Ambulance to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Fortunately nothing was broken, and I was left, only with a sore neck and a concussion. This, however, could have been avoided, had the moron in the car, used his eyes, before jumping out of the junction into the path of the oncoming traffic, me.

Let’s hope he wasn’t an uninsured moron, and the damage to my bike will not have to come out of my own pocket. To say nothing of the cost to the tax-payer of the police time, the ambulance, the doctors, nurses, x-rays, etc.


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